Six DIY Methods to Decorate Your Window

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Having a well-designed decorated window is a way of creating a wonderful looking home. Besides being a route for natural air and bright sunlight to penetrate into your home, they can be used as a piece of decoration.

With this being said there are six DIY strategies that you can use to enhance the look of your window.

Use as a Storage Space

You should not let the space available on your windowsill go to waste. Add style to it by using it to store boxes or any other material and organize your room.

Curtains and Drapes

You can treat yourself windows using curtains or drapes. They make your window to appear professional. You can get install the design and color that you want.

Stained Glasses

Stained glasses are a decorative element that you can use to create an appealing home. As the sunlight penetrates through the stained glass, it casts magnificent hue of color around your home.

Grow Plants

You can use this spot to display your flair for nature. Highlight your love for organic plants by gracing your window with different beautiful small plants in jars or pots. Bring some natural feel to your home using this spot.

Lighten It Up

You can make your evening more relaxing by placing some candles on your window. You can use it to create a romantic moment in your home.

Plastic Window Sill

You can add personality to your home by using contemporary plastic windowsill designs. Plastic windowsills add function to your home.

Having a perfectly decorated window is a blessing. Ensure that you use this tips to create a fascinating window and home.



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