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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s Talk/Shop with Juni of Hej Juni! Juni is a dear friend of mine and I have always been a huge fan of her fun, quirky and delightful paper products, so I jumped at the opportunity to get to know her, her shop, and her design process a bit better! Hej Juni is all about thoughtful handmade goods, designed with a whole lot of love!

Now, knowing what inspires her designs (read below!), I see her animal inspirations in a whole new light! Continue reading our Talk/Shop below to find out more about this super sweet and creative print maker + designer and her shop, Hej Juni! You’ll also find my favorite product picks below, perfect for sending to your loved ones!!

Hej Juni_Talk Shop

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I was born and raised on the sunny island of Singapore and lived there for 19 years before moving to the states. As a paper goods lover, I spend most of my time day dreaming and working on my handmade stationery line. I’m also a full time student in art school. I feel incredibly blessed to be making baby steps towards my dreams and goals!

Let’s start at the beginning – Why did you start your shop and how did you get into print and card making?
I started Hej Juni because I love handmade gifting. After two years in a graphic design course, I grew pretty sick of designing business cards, menus and corporate identities. I loved the designing, but the endless hours on a computer and pressure to please got tiresome. I yearned for something more hands-on and fell head over heels in love with silkscreen printing! In many ways, I’m still doing graphic design, just in a different, fresher way that feels more true to my work and style.

The best thing about owning your own small business?
I boss myself around! I tell myself what to do and make my own decisions about designs, vision, work process, etc.

What printing techniques do you currently use?
Silkscreen printing is currently my main process. I’m taking classes in letterpress and lithography printing and hope to incorporate those in my creations too! I also paint the cards’ matching envelope liners in watercolor.

Hej Juni_Talk Shop

What are your future goals?
Oh I have so many, I am quite the dreamer! I’d love to start selling my
stationery line in retail stores, write and illustrate a children’s book (or two!), and break into surface pattern designing. My ultimate dream job though, is actually to be a stay home mama some day. This might sound kinda crazy for a 21 year old. Mothers are like superheroes to me.

What’s your favorite piece in your collection and why?
My current favorite is the Mistletoe Christmas Card. Those little foxes slay me. My favorite is always changing, they are all the fruits of my labor and I love them all!

What inspires your designs?
The people I love. Their quirks, likes and dislikes all serve as inspiration for my animal characters. Pretty much every character is based on someone I know.

Hej Juni_Talk Shop

Hej Juni_Talk Shop

Current obsession?
Quinoa! I can’t get enough of this yummy stuff. I am a huge carb lover, which can be unhealthy. Quinoa gives me a much healthier alternative.

Favorite daily reads in the webosphere?
// Love Taza / Rockstar Diaries – I love following along as Naomi and Josh document their young family’s lives. Their two little ones are oh so cute!
// Pink Ronnie – Ronnie’s blog is poignant, uplifting and inspiring all at the same time. Her blog posts never fails to be both beautiful and thought-provoking.
// Oh Happy Day – super cute and inspiring DIYs. Jordan’s team has a style that resonates well with my own.

Other shops you’re inspired by?
// Your Secret Admiral – I love this adorable paper goods shop. Admiring and supporting the work of my fellow handmade stationers is important to me. Your Secret Admiral is chock full of the cutest paper cut stationery and beautiful books. I had the pleasure of meeting Julie (the brains and hands behind YSA) at the Etsy Conference this year and she’s delightful. Cute, sweet and down to earth – just like her lovely products.
// Swift and Roe – Absolutely gorgeous ceramics. The work speaks for itself.

Hej Juni_Talk Shop

Shop Hej Juni

1 // Happy Hollydays
2 // Bunny gift wrap
3 // Cat card
4 // Under the Mistletoe
5 // Polka dot Thank You
6 // You’re So Deer To Me

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Juni is having a 15% off promotion until December 16!! Use code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS. Hop on over to her Etsy shop to see all her adorable cards – and snatch up her holiday cards while you can!!

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  • Danielle

    I only recently found Juni’s blog/shop, but I feel in love the moment I saw it! It’s so cute which is right up my alley. My favourite piece is the bunny tote bag. It’s classic with the black and gold but still playful with the bunnies on it! It was wonderful getting to know more Juni! This is one of my favourite features, Jess!!

  • juni

    thank you SO MUCH for having me Jessica! 🙂 had a lot of fun doing this talk/shop post with you!

  • juni

    p.s maybe we should get coffee before I leave!

  • Jane Y.

    i love the inspiration behind her characters too. dreaming of writing and illustrating children’s books sounds lovely. hope you reach your dreams juni! such a bundle of talent!

  • Alecia

    Aw I love her + and her cards. I can relate with you Juni because my end goal is to be a stay at home mother one day as well (so that doesn’t sound crazy at all) I also believe mother’s are superheroes!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      My mom was (is) a stay at home mom and I think the same as you guys – mother’s are superheroes and the most extraordinary women! I hope to be one as well when I have children, or at least be able to work from home 🙂

  • Brooke

    I love her cute and cheeky stationary!! What a wonderful shop. Her story is so inspiring. Such a great feeling to be doing what you love everyday and be your own boss!

  • Kelly Brito

    Her products are so absolutely adorable! I’m so in love with those foxes!

  • Rowena

    Thanks for the introduction Jessica! Juni’s prints/products have such a wonderfully whimsical vibe and it’s so cool that her designs are inspired by her loved ones 🙂

  • Brittni

    Loved reading this interview with Juni. Every time I visit her online shop (or her blog), it makes me smile – all of her work is so cheery.

  • Nnenna

    Her paper goods are so adorable- so whimsical and fun! Loved reading this interview 🙂

  • Miranti

    This post is chock-full of loveliness! Juni’s work is just wonderful – as is her blog. And I am loving the blog recommendations she provided! I am now officially in love with Pink Ronnie 🙂

  • Kyla

    Oh, Juni has such an adorable shop! I love reading about other designer’s processes – I’ve been wanting to take a class in letterpress and lithography, too. I think she would illustrate a gorgeous children’s book!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      I totally agree, I can’t wait for her to make a children’s book! I know the illustrations would be adorable! And oh me too! I’ve been wanting to take a letterpress class for forever! If you’re not in school though, classes here in NYC are so expensive! 🙁

  • Lix

    Love this post and this woman’s work! I was fascinated by the silkscreen printing part, too, as someone who’s working on a line of clothing and accessories using photo-printed fabric. I use Spoonflower and I honestly can’t imagine taking on that part of the process myself – the equipment looks so costly and the process so tricky, I really admire anyone who can do it.

  • Victoria | Oh So Pretty

    I love that all her characters are based on someone – that is so fun definitely makes her lovely prints even more special! Oh, I’m so on quinoa right now… I’ve been eating it with everything, my favorite being a beet quinoa salad. Love learning more about Juni – such a sweet, inspirational, talented lady! xo


  • Eleni | My Paradissi

    Thanks for introducing us to Juni! Her work is awesome and her shop my new etsy favorite ^^ xoxo

  • tana

    Can we talk about how lovely that dress is? Thanks for sharing this with us Jess, loved this interview with Juni. I’m loving her cute and colorful designs, especially that watermelon pattern. 🙂

  • Nikkol | Peter Loves Jane

    Such quaint and adorable illustrations. She will be a fabulous children’s book illustrator! Love that her dream job is to be a mom. It really is the best job in the world!

  • Latrina (oftreesandhues)

    How wonderful it is to see the lovely & talented Juni over here! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading about her process, methods and aspirations. 🙂 I, too, Juni think mothers are superheros and I love that you want to be a stay at home momma! Reading that made me smile and I don’t think that’s silly at all for a 21yo. 🙂 You have such a good head on your shoulders!

    I think Ronnie’s blog has definitely inspired me to be a mother someday. She makes motherhood looks amazing, doesn’t she? It’s real.

    Thanks so much, Jess, for having Juni over here! I can’t get enough of your Talk Shop series. 😀

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