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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Latrina always features such wonderful fellow bloggers on her Creative Collective series, so for her guest post today, I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to flip things around and interview her for her own “Creative Collective” -type feature here on Coco/Mingo!

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Tell me a little bit about yourself:
Hi! I’m a barista/photographer from Northern California who has a passion for design and traveling. I am the most happiest (and creative!) when I’m out exploring, whether along the Pacific Coast or deep in the woods. I feel as though traveling and experiencing nature is what drives and fuels my artistic abilities. When I’m not exploring, you can find me in local coffee shops with my husband, either reading a book or day-dreaming, or out & about with my camera!

How did you get into photography and design?
As a child, my favorite pastime was to sift through my grandmother’s photo albums. I loved the thought of capturing life’s special moments and knew one day I would want to do the same. However, it wasn’t until my teenage years that I became interested in photography as a hobby. I have had no prior schooling but have found practice to be the perfect tool!

As for designing — I had an early start! I was designing layouts and graphics since I was 13 years old. Wow! That thought sure makes you feel old. 😉 I have been fortunate enough to have a passion and knack for creative outlets and I am beyond grateful to be able to say that this is now my job.

Congratulations on Of Trees and Hues turning 1 year old, what an accomplishment! What has been your most memorable moment from this past year of blogging?
Thank you! Wow, what a year it has been. I am so truly blessed to have such a wonderful readership and support group who has made this year quite special! My most memorable moment is, well – there’s a few, I suppose. I’ve had such a privilege to work with some of the best & creative bloggers out there and I couldn’t feel more grateful! Being active in the blogging community is extremely important to me.

I would have to say taking on sponsorship is definitely another memorable moment that makes me giddy. You definitely know you’re doing something right when you have all these amazing people believing in what you’ve created! (a huge thank you to these lovely people – Of Trees and Hues wouldn’t be the same without them!)

What has been your biggest challenge this past year (on blogging)?
Balancing both blogging and my 9-5 job has been quite the struggle. However, creating a structured blogging schedule has helped immensely — I swear by my editorial calendar now!



Is there any advice/tips that you can pass along for bloggers just starting out?
Discover yourself!! I wrote a blog post about discovering who you are and I truly believe blogging can help you discover that. And once you find it, stick to your guns. Don’t blog about things that are “popular” – be true to yourself. You’re unique and we all want to know what YOU are inspired by, what are your favorites books, what you’re currently listening to, etc.

What is your favorite column on your blog and why?
Oh, wow! My Explore and Photography columns have always been my favorite because both are my passion, however, my recent column “Memory Lane” is definitely another – it’s a column where I reminiscence and share stories from my childhood. Not only is it a great writing exercise but it’s such a good way to connect with others. And it’s also going to make compiling my Memoir super easy! 🙂

You’re a wanderluster as well! Where has been your favorite place(s) that you have traveled to and why? And where would you love to go that you haven’t yet?
Oh man! You know better to get me started on traveling, Jessica. 😉 Where to start!? Moving to California two years ago was the best thing I could have done for my wanderlusting heart. There’s just so much beauty here! My favorite thing to do is to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and stop whenever my heart beckons me to. I could spend hours sitting along the rocky edge of the mountains just gazing out into the deep blue.

Cute little towns like Half Moon Bay, Mendocino and Carmel are definitely some of my favorite places. They’re all so unique, with their own little Mom and Pop shops and are home to some of the best views I’ve ever seen! But, really – nothing comes close to Yosemite. I will literally tear up just talking about it – it’s that beautiful & majestic. If I would recommend you to go anywhere in this world, it’d be Yosemite.

Places I would like to explore someday: Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Greece, Africa and Italy! Blogger’s travel vacay, anyone!? 🙂

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Describe your happy place:
I can do better – I can show you. This is one of the spots along the coast I was telling you about. My husband and I just happen to stumble upon it during a road trip last year. There we were, driving along the PCH, and I spotted a small trail along the side of the road. We parked the car, and not knowing what to expect, walked through the tall brush and what we saw moments later, definitely took our breath away. Trails lined with wildflowers that created such a beautiful bouquet of scents. Past a few winding trails you reached a drop off along the rocks, and just a few jumps down, you were welcomed by the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen. Since then, we have been back a few times, to sit and just absorb the hypnotic & majestic beauty of the ocean. We have drove three hours just to visit that spot, if that tells you just how much we love it!

One thing you’re obsessed with right now?
Thatch and Thistle Co. – a gorgeous Etsy shop run by my dear friend, Brynne. It’s full of packaging goodies, party & craft supplies and so much more! I just recently ordered the mini clothes pins in white and I am obsessed with them! Plus, she’s a gal who is doing what she loves… and doing it successfully, I might add! And I admire that.

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Thank you, Trina! And a big Congratulations on your 1-year blog-anniversary! We’re so excited to be celebrating this accomplishment by offering a huge GIVEAWAY (13 gifts from 11 bloggers!) – go check it out (if you haven’t already) over on her blog!


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