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Be kind // Natural and cruelty-free

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Majority of the products I buy are natural. Not only because my skin is super sensitive and I have food allergies, but because it’s good for the environment, and you know what? I love the environment. I’m conscious of the things I put in and on my body as much as I’m conscious of the things I put down the drain. And in addition to natural, I make a conscious effort to buy cruelty-free. The good thing is that these usually go hand-in-hand! I’m highly against the use of animals for testing. Period.

There are so many amazing products out there that are natural and cruelty-free. I encourage you to make the switch! I’ve said this before, but with experience, I’ve found all my natural beauty, home, and cleaning products to be considerably better and more effective than chemical ones.

Cruelty free products_favorites_natural organic

There are tons of affordable products, my favorite being the skin, hair, bath and body line of Desert Essence – right now, it’s taken up majority space in my bathroom and beauty regimine. I also consistently have been using Dr. Bronner’s magic soaps for the past 10 years or so (it’s amazing)!

These are just a few of my favorite natural and cruelty-free skin and bath products!!

Dr. Bronner’s, castile liquid soap
Aesop, cleansing masque
Acure, body lotion
Acure, 100% organic argan oil
Verb, hydrating shampoo
Verb, hydrating conditioner
Desert Essence, renewing cleanser
Pacifica, lip tint
Pacifica, french lilac natural soap

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Check out these sites to make sure your favorite products are cruelty-free (and find ones that are)!

Go Cruelty Free
Logical Harmony
My Beauty Bunny

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Obsessed // Freelance Whales

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I discovered Freelance Whales back around late 2009 when I saw a YouTube video of one of their subway performances here in Brooklyn (off of my L Train Bedford Avenue stop – whoop whoop!). I remember watching and re-watching that cell phone video so many times (despite the awful sound quality) because I loved the music so much and I couldn’t find an actual track anywhere for it. For those of you who haven’t yet traveled to NYC and experienced the sounds of subway performances, you’ll be blown away by how some of these folks are just. plain. awesome.

Freelance Whales_diluvia_DNA Bank

Since then, it’s been amazing and refreshing to see how much the Freelance Whales have grown and developed in their music. I keep hoping that I’ll catch them on a now-rare subway performance one day off the L train (*fingers crossed*). I feel a little ashamed to say that I’ve had their sophomore album, Diluvia, for some time now. Probably almost a year (it came out in late 2012). But I never fully listened to it until about a month ago. I know. You know how it goes – I get into albums separately and then play the heck out of it on repeat…for weeks, sometimes months. So as I was submerging myself in other albums, Diluvia got set on the back burner. As soon as I finally brought it to the front stage of my playlist, I kicked myself for not listening to it sooner. It’s amazing. Of course, we all have different tastes in music, but this album is everything I love, and I speak for myself only. I give credit and much respect to artists whose albums I love in entirety. Seriously, when was the last time you loved an album – the entire thing – from the very first song to the last? Well, that’s how I feel about Diluvia.

Ok, so they’re a little hipster and super indie (in case you’re not into that). But regardless, the album is beautiful and you should check it out. It’s more mellow and calmer than their debut album Weathervanes, but I can honestly say I love Diluvia better. I like the colorful mixture of melancholy, etherial, haunting, enchanting, and dreamy sounds with surprising hooks around every corner, slightly reminiscent of (once upon a time band) Copeland and Postal Service‘s Give Up (another album on my list of top faves…also known as the best soundtrack to my college days). Oh nostalgia, you get the best of me.

Freelance Whales_Diluvia_emergence exit

Take a listen. Seriously, I’ve had it on repeat for the past month. It starts off sweetly hypnotic with Aeolus’ “send me to the docks where we met, the disappointed bridge that haunts the egrets” then turns into refreshing Dig Into Waves’ “from the lights in the sky that combine, and arrive in a cloud clarified…” and ends hauntingly beautiful with Winter Seeds’ “over time I will heirloom into, something gnarled for you…” and Emergence Exit’s “you would’ve been better alone, without my love. You would’ve been safe from storm…”

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Listen Before You Buy

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Life + Love // Fresh

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life and love_must have_fresh

Introducing “Life + Love” – as part of my “must-have” series, I’ll show you what I’m currently loving and a quick peek of the lifestyle they’re inspired by. Right now, I’m obsessing over the color of subtle wintergreen and sage mixed with ivory white – so fresh and invigorating – especially during these gloomy winter days!


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bouquet photo via

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Activate: Workout resolutions

Monday, January 6, 2014

So how many of you made new year resolutions to workout more? Well, it’s time to activate those resolutions, friends!! I know that for myself, I have a resolution to reconnect with my yoga practice. And for anyone venturing (or continuing) on the road of health and rejuvenation, you’ll definitely need the right gear.

Yoga__Workout_Dear Kate

Working out and being active, especially with yoga, has been a consistent part of my life since high school (where we had a crazy intense Physical Education program) and let me tell you, the gear you have makes a difference! And you know what? Make sure you don’t fall short on your undergarments – they are just as significant as the workout clothes you wear!

I discovered Dear Kate undergarments and fell in love with their strength, comfort, wicking ability and breathability – everything I needed for working out! They come in a variety of super cute styles, each with built-in breathable lining, and super soft and comfy patent-pending fabric technology, including a whole collection dedicated to sport and fitness!

Running_Workout_Dear Kate

Check out all my favorites from Dear Kate, and enjoy 25% off with code: COCOMINGO (Discount ends 2/15/13).

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Yoga: headbands . mat bag . racerback tank . pant . water bottle . Dear Kate “Leading Lady” bikini . Dear Kate “Dahlia” hipster

Running: socks . jacket . pant . headband . Dear Kate “I Am Strong” set of 2 running bikinis

Dear Kate_coco and mingo

Photo via Dear Kate
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Last minute stocking stuffers

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Apologies for the lack of posts and internet presence lately, friends. I’ve been pretty sick for the past week and a half. blah. Also, I’ve yet to compose a “Hawaii” post, but believe me, that one is on its way! So stay tuned 🙂

So me being sick and bedridden has been an excuse for being so late sending out my holiday gifts (even though I’m also normally a procrastinator)…but seriously, when did it become only 7 days until Christmas?!? That sort of came out of nowhere.

Holiday gift guide_stocking stuffers

You know what my favorite type of gifts are? Stocking stuffers! Seriously, ever since I was a kid, my stockings would be stuffed with the best stuff…stationary, pens, pencils, lots of sweet treats, little accessories, knicks and knacks. Oddly enough, my stocking was my favorite “gift” to unwrap! So if you’re a procrastinator like me and still got stockings to stuff, check my stuffer picks out!

Check out more of my Holiday Gift-Guide and picks of the season in my online boutique.

Oh, and to make up for my lack of gift-giving guides this holiday season, I’m bringing you extra gift happiness through my Talk/Shop series and product favorites! I spoke with Juni earlier this month about her fun + whimsical handmade paper products, yesterday I had the pleasure of featuring Leah and her beautiful handmade prints + products, and tomorrow I have the absolute joy of talking shop with Stacy of Leif Shop – you don’t want to miss it!

And don’t miss out – be sure to check out the 24 Merry Days giveaway happening on Gloria’s blog!! She’s giving away $150 to Oh, Hello Friend!! I literally want everything in that store 🙂 So hop on over here and enter to win!!


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