Birthday love with Jet Pens

March 6, 2014

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Yesterday was the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole world – my little sister! Gosh, she’s several years into college but I still think of her as my forever 16 year old baby sis! I’m sure those of you with younger siblings know what I mean! Anyway, I took this as the perfect opportunity to test out these new pens I received from Jet Pens…by creating her birthday card! As most of you know, I always hand make birthday cards for loved ones and friends – something just as simple as that always shows how much you care!

I just had to rave about these Kuretake Zig CocoIro letter pens – they are seriously fantastic! They immediately caught my eye when I saw them online and once I tested them out, they immediately stole my heart (and ranking amongst my favorite pens!) How fun is this – the pen body (which comes in lots of super cute colors) comes separately from the pen refill so you can super easily mix and match and/or swap out refills while using the same body! I got the Kuretake Tegami Brush Tip refill which is a great “brush” texture pen, the Kuretake Tegami Super Fine Lettering Tip refill, and the Kuretake Zig Super Fine Lettering refill. What I love most about the super fine lettering refills are that they are perfect for details without being too delicate, and all while having great, steady ink flow. Not to mention, they are perfect for my style of hand lettering. I created all the hand lettering in these photos using mostly the super fine lettering pens.

. . .
Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Also, shout out to my sweet friends Becka and Nathan over at the wonderful Yeobo blog who are totally on the same inspirational wavelength as I this week! We were all feeling this same motivational quote this past weekend! It is also the quote/card which I ended up sending to my sis as her birthday card. ♥

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

. . .

Pen refills: Kuretake Tegami Super Fine Lettering Tip, Kuretake Zig Super Fine Lettering Tip, Kuretake Tegami Brush Tip
CocoIro Pen Body colors: Sakura Pink, Snowy White, Light Blue

. . .


  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    can i just tell you how gorgeous your lettering is?! i can only imagine how happy people feel when they receive your beautiful and sweet cards in the mail :) i hope you’re having a great week jessica!

  • juni // hej juni

    love love love love!! love the writing, the quote, the pens and your love for your little sister.

  • Lucy

    I’d like to think that these pens might magically make me an amazing hand writer but I think it might be a little more tricky than that… yours always looks gorgeous! xoxo

  • Brooke

    Beautiful! I absolutely love your lettering style. I will have to check out those pens! I usually use Pilot and Zebra brush pens, but for more of that calligraphy look the ones you used above look great! Thanks for sharing, and hope you sister had a wonderful birthday! I know what you mean, my little sister is going into college this summer and I still can’t believe it. Seems like not too long ago she was just a little girl :/

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thank you, Brooke! You should definitely check out the selection that Jet Pens have – I’m sure you’ll find something you like, your handwriting is beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  • Joelle

    Ohhhhhhhh these look fun. I’m ALWAYS looking for new pens to try (something that isn’t so intensive as my dip pen) and I have a feeling I could have fun with these. Thanks so much for sharing – I’m off to get a set right now!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Joelle – Exactly!! I love my dip calligraphy pen + nibs, but most of the time I just want something fast, portable, easy…haha! Which is why I usually opt for regular pens most of the time. So so awesome you got a set – I hope you enjoy it!! Hope you’re having a great weekend, as well, my dear!!

  • Danielle

    This post comes at the most perfect of times! I have been thinking of getting some lettering pens for sometime now and haven’t because of not knowing what to get. But now that you have backed these I think I may order a few! I love the ones that come in all the different colours!

    Oh, and happy birthday day to your sister! My little sister is a junior in college now. I can’t believe how fast she has grown up. She was supposed to stay forever little ;)

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thanks Dani!! I’ll extend the birthday wishes to my sis! haha! little sisters are the best but I hate seeing them grow up, right?! You should definitely look into Jet Pens – they have a great selection and I know you’ll find something that you’ll love! Enjoy your Sunday! xo

  • Jane Y.

    these are so lovely, jess. i’m always so awed by your talent. and i love your sweet personality, too!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Aw Jane, thank you thank you!!! You are so talented yourself and your sweet and caring personality makes you one of my favorite people!! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, friend! xo

  • Sly Monkey

    Loving the CL Lewis quote. Very strong and powerful words. I hope you’re keeping warm in the big city. I miss you. <3 always, T.

  • Akshara Vivekananthan

    Your hand lettering cheers me up whenever I see it! The little messages photographed above with quotes and wishes are beautiful. Happy Birthday to your little sis!

  • Christina

    AHHHH! I’ve got to order these! Thank you for my new obsession. :) The “always do what you’re afraid to do,” is beautiful. I live by it! :) I have a little sister too and she’s my favorite person in the world. I feel so lucky to have her!! Happy Thursday!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Yes!! Such a great quote to live by!! Except when it comes to public speaking – I will continue not doing it because I am afraid of it. haha!! Aw, yay for little sises!! If you get these pens, I hope you enjoy it!! Have a great Sunday, Christina! xo

  • holly

    Awe, such beautiful handlettering, Jess! :)

  • Richele

    I don’t even know how that is possible! Haha! Seriously though it blows my mind Jessica.. you are so talented! xo

  • B @ BKCsquared

    As always, I love your lettering & calligraphy! GORGEOUS! Happy Birthday to your little sister & this post really inspired me to practice my handwriting…it’s getting pretty bad considering I type more than I write!

    xo, B

  • maggie

    ooh, love these! so cute and your lettering is perfect. definitely going to have to order! (also, i have a younger sis and i totally know what you mean! she’s forever 12 years old to me!)

  • Nikkol | Peter Loves Jane

    Perfection! Your lettering is looking so amazing. Thanks for the tip on the pens – just snagged some for myself!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thanks Nikkol!! You know that means so much coming from you and your amazing hand lettering! Oooh, and enjoy the pens – I hope you love them! Also, hope you’re enjoying your weekend, so far :) xo

  • Rowena @ rolala loves

    Happy birthday to your little sister! By gosh how pretty are these pens and how gorgeous is your hand lettering Jessica!

  • Kevin | Thou Swell

    Happy birthday to your little sister! As always, your lettering is beautiful and I love the photos :)

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  • Alecia

    goodness you are good! I wish my handwriting was half as good as yours. :) xo I love sweet cards and reminders like that quote (One of my favorites). xo

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thank you, Alecia!! I will send you a card in the mail sometime soon :) It’s always good to have great quote reminders on a daily basis, right?! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, friend! xoxo

  • Ellie

    Woah, gorgeous as always!!

  • Emily

    Happy birthday to your little sister! That’s one of my favorite quotes too.. Your handwriting and photo styling are beautiful as always.. If I got a card that beautiful in the mail, I would probably frame it ;) Happy Thursday, Jess!

  • Audrey - This Little Street

    Love your hand lettering so much, Jess! Wish mine looked as good ;) Will have to try these pens, maybe they’ll magically make my hand lettering that much better :D And totally know what you mean about the little sister thing. I always say “oh my little brother he’s too young he’s aint thinking about starting a family”. ha. He’s like turning 29 this year! My goodness.

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      LOL!!! OMG – that’s how I feel about my little brother (he’s turning 29 this year too!) – but funny enough, because he’s the only boy in the family, he’s almost like me and my sisters’ big brother because he acts like it. haha! And thanks so much for the nice words about my hand writing, I can’t guarantee that the pens will make anyone’s handwriting better, but I’m sure you don’t need help with that!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Audrey!! Also, hope you got to relax and put your feet up – you deserve it!! xo

  • Rachel Follett

    Your hand lettering is impeccable. Maybe I should pick these pens up to. I could use some help. :)

  • Kate

    SO funny that you guys had the same quote! Love the look of those pens… I’ll have to see if they work with my refills.

  • Dominica

    wow, love the fact you make these by hand !! You’ve got ome lucky friends and family. Makes me wanna subscribe into a lettering/calligraphy class !

  • Corina

    Your handwriting is always blowing me away!!

  • |Harmonyanddesign|

    Esas tarjetas son una preciosidad y la delicadeza de las fotografias es impresionante.

  • Allie Mackin

    Wow these area beautiful! And those pens look like they do a wonderful job but with one I have horrible hand writing in fact I had such a problem with as a child I almost got left behind. I so wish I had nice hand writing. But sister speaking of sisters has gorgeous handwriting…sort of amazing that we share the same DNS…hee hee

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • Kelly Brito

    Jessica, your calligraphy work is escalating really fast. You’re one of my top hand letterers out there right now (including Emily Lime and other pros).
    Thanks for the pens tips. :) I have a few courses in calligraphy saved on Skillshare, so I’ll bookmark these pens for whenever I’m ready.

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Kelly!! You are the sweetest person ever! Your comment just made my day and I’m really honored to be amongst your top hand letterers – wow! I’m going to go check out Emily Lime, for sure :) I’ve taken a calligraphy class on Skillshare with Molly Jacques – it was awesome! Such a great platform for lessons! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, friend!!

  • Diana

    Gorgeous lettering! I just love your handwriting, and will definitely try out these pens! Would also love a hand-lettering tutorial/tips for those of us just starting out!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thanks, Diana! I’m really happy to hear that you’d love to hear more hand lettering tutorial/tips – I’d love to share!!! Stay tuned :) Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! xo

  • Katrina Sophia

    sounds like a great pen! will sure check it out when I have a chance. I love pens, I have so many in my drawers that people often get shocked when they see it haha!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  • Nnenna

    You seriously have the prettiest handwriting ever. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this! I know exactly what you mean about your little sis. I have three younger siblings and they will always be little kids in my mind :) Happy Birthday to your sister!

  • Nnenna

    Also, I’m curious, how did you learn to write like this? Was it something you’ve always been able to do, or did you take a class?

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thanks Nnenna! I’ll extend the greeting to her! Wow – 3 younger siblings! It must be hard to see them grow up :) Thank you so much for the sweet words! In regards to my lettering, honestly, I’ve been obsessed with handwriting since I was in the 3rd grade…experimenting with different styles, etc. I’d love to teach a class, but since it’s just a natural thing to me, I wonder how I can break that up into actual techniques…haha! But I will definitely consider this as a new venture, and you’ll be the first to know about it! :D Hope you’re enjoying the weekend – the weather here in NYC is gorgeous, right?! xoxo

      • Nnenna

        I figured it was something you’ve been doing for a while :) I’ve always wanted to learn how to do calligraphy and I think it’s time for me to make it happen. I found an online class on skillshare that looks good so I think I might try that for now, but I definitely want to hear if you do decide to teach!

        I was in Philly and it was a lovely weekend :) Hope you had a great weekend as well!

  • Victoria

    Ohh yay! Happy birthday to your little sister!! I love that you hand make all birthday cards (still have mine hanging up!) and this one is absolutely beautiful!! Have a great weekend!

  • Tana

    Love love love this Jess! Thanks for sharing your recommendations on Jet Pens–I’ve always been so curious but didn’t want to buy it and not like it–this helps so much. And can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous your work is?? Not to mention how beautiful the styling and photos are! great job! :):):)

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Thank you, sweet friend!!! Yes, If you love thin point pens, then you’ll definitely love these! Also, thanks for the sweet words about the photos – you know it means so much coming from you!!! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Tana!! xoxo

  • nancy @ adore to adorn

    aw I love this. It’s so sweet and sentimental to have handwritten notes. =) Plus, with such amazing utensils, why wouldn’t you want to write more?! =D

  • Erika Lee Sears

    ooo I love a good pen and will check these out for sure. its crazy how the siblings grow up and one day they are your peer not so small anymore.

  • cynthia

    omg omg OMG i just saw this!!! hahaha my last email is so funny/pointless now. i LOVE this. thank you so so much for sharing a little about how you work your hand-lettering magic <3 and sharing more of your gorgeous work!! love this post so much. happy bday to mini-jess!!

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Cynthia!! Yesss!!! It’s so funny because I got your email the day before I had this post scheduled, so I thought of you!! I was going to say all this in an email….WHICH I am getting to btw…haha!! Thanks lovely friend!! Talk soon :) xoxo

  • Bella

    Please can you write me a beautiful card/letter? Your calligraphy is out of this world! What a talent. I’ve tried my hand at calligraphy before but I’m not very good! I guess practice makes perfect :)
    Bella xxx

    • Coco/Mingo (Jessica)

      Aw Bella, thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Yes, it’s all about practice (and I’d be happy to write you a card!!!) I’m sure you’ll be amazing in no time ;) Enjoy your weekend, dear!! xoxo :)

  • Hildi

    I am just floored by your stunning handwriting!

  • Latrina M. (oftreesandhues)

    Gosh. I can’t get over how flawless your writing & script is! So gorgeous, Jess. :)

    I am bookmarking this! Because I have been searching for pens just like this, and so happy you shared this, too, as I haven’t heard of these before. :) I really want to get into script and hand-written notes more, and these are perrrfect!

    Also. Oh my gosh, happy birthday to your sister! :) Makes me miss my little sister… who is now 21!! Ahh, they grow up so fast!

  • Yuni

    Gorgeous, gorgeous hand lettering! I wish it was mine. Haha. The pens are so cute!
    Anyway, happy belated birthday to your sister!

  • Ffion

    what a beautiful writing style – gorgeous as ever, Jessica!

  • Anna @ IHOD

    Your writing is incredible! I can’t wait to check out these pens! I know I would use them all the time:)

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  • Arely

    Hello Jessica, first of all I love your blog, second of all I was wondering which of the nib/refill that you put on your post is the one you use for the part of classic calligraphy on the Ralph Waldo quote? I want to order one for me and and like that finish! :)

  • London Accountants Lady

    This calligraphy is absolutely stunning, how do you get it to look so perfect?

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